1. Queens of Kali: Mothers and Women Empowerment Program
    Lakan Guro Jenna leads mother, women, and girls in counter-offense systems for urban living. Here, she explores the many issues woman may face, not commonly addressed in the traditional "Women's Self Defense Class." For example, attackers of women are often NOT strangers and instead are people who are familiar. How do you train for the kind of emotional fitness of that kind of attack? Also, mothers are often left out of martial arts training due to the demands of caring for the family. Lakan Guro Jenna created a program designed to accommodate all these needs.
  2. Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (PTK)
    This is focus on edged, impact, improvised weapons in urban landscape. Benefits include: knowledge of edged, impact, and improvised weapons offensive and counter-ofdensive measures, explosive footwork, situational and environmental awareness, pre fight indicators, Filipino culture and tradition, sensitivity to movement and touch, distance vs timing, strategy and tactics.
  3. TRICOM Systems for Law Enforcement Operators
    Tuhon Jared Wihonghi and his vast law and operator experience has designed an instructor program to assist LEO meet the high risk demands of their profession while adhering to state laws, policies and procedures regarding use of force. The TRICOM System is designed to provide functional, applicable measures to keep the officer and community safe. Guro Angola is currently certified in the Tactical Clinch and Arrest Control Dynamics. He aims to use this information to support a safe community and environment for those who take the oath to protect and serve.
  4. Family Protection Services
    We encourage couples and families to train together as a unit. We like to think of ourselves as a Power Couple, inspiring families to dedicate an aspect of their lives to survival and protection. We have two small girls ourselves, so we understand the challenges families face trying to train and raise children and pay the bills. We have model, a template, we'd like to share with families that won't be like ours, it will be unique to each family, yet contain the core pro-actions and counter-actions of survival and protection.
  5. Youth and Adolescent Power Programs
    With over a decade of working in the public education system as teachers, the YAPP aim to teach health education, physical education, nutrition, self-confidence, history, and culture to young people looking to find meaning and purpose in their lives. These programs traditionally offered in the school environment.
  6. Private Classes
    Practitioners can approach the classic material or a specialized aspect of survival and training.
  1. Jenna Tafari
    Jenna Tafari
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    Angola Tafari
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    Ricky Mel
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